Let me point out an interesting exhibition in Rome at the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele: Cubist / Cubism.

A major exhibition featuring more than 200 works, with oil techniques, drawings,



sculptures but also videos and design objects …

A comprehensive framework for representing a movement of “rupture” which had as protagonists Masters such as Picasso and Braque


Complesso Monumentale del Vittoriano- Via San Pietro in Carcere- FORI IMPERIALI
Monday to Thursday: 9,30-19,30
Friday and Saturday: 9,30-23,30
Sunday: 9,30-20,30

Tickets: from 9.00 euros  to 12.00 euros


3 thoughts on “CUBIST/CUBISM in Rome

  1. This looks fantastic!! 200 works?! I am so jealous! T. (I also love the great-looking publicity poster, eh? I’m off now to look for the catalog. As always, thanks for the AB-FAB tip!)

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