Via del Mascherone a Roma

Another great stop in Rome is in  Piazza Farnese.

I suggest you sit in this square towards the 13.00 pm, to enjoy the warm rays fall, and  maybe you may eat a piece of “hot pizza bianca“, freshly baked from the famous FORNO (Bakery) in Campo de Fiori, right behind you!

Then continue along Via del Mascherone




Look at the building, which was purchased in the eighteenth century the Papal States, it became the seat of the Religious Mary Immaculate ….
A curiosity, as you are walking, look on the ground at the white line that runs along the sides of the building, if you walk inside you are in the territory of the Pontifical State!


I recommend always nose up … and all around …


Continuing this brief and quiet streets, you will come to the Fountain of  Mascherone in Via Giulia.


But often the beauty is above our heads …





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