Food of the Gods: Chocolate!

Chocolate: Food of the Gods!

We are facing the “bikini test” 👯   BUT … pass this chocolate boutique is a very difficult test!

Not just for the smell that comes out,,,,, but also for the chocolates and pralines that peep as sirens“Come, eat me, eat me…♒♒♒♒”

And then YES! I succumbed.

It seems that the true origin of processed chocolate, which dates back some three thousand years ago, is attributed to the Olmecs of the forested lowlands of southern Mexico.

The new discovery was introduced to Europe where it was considered a medicine to be taken according to the ancient Hippocratic-Galenic theory of the time.

Precious recipes and daring experiments were jealously guarded in the courts of  Spain,  France, and Italy, in Naples and Florence.

OK, thanks to the Olmecs!👍

Do not miss a visit and tasting of this delicious chocolates, before proceeding to Via del Corso, at the Basilica dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo, a masterpiece of the Barocco, with a wonderful dome of Pietro da Cortona, beautiful frescoes and stucco.



Via delle Carrozze 26, (next to Via del Corso) – Roma

Via del Corso, Roma 


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