Soul and Love at Castel Sant’Angelo.

Spring is romantic … so what ‘is better than spending a beautiful morning to visit an exhibition about love?

In the splendid setting of Castel Sant’Angelo, in fact, held an exhibition dedicated to the “Tale of Cupid and Psyche”: one hundred works dedicated to the love story between the beautiful mortal Psyche and Eros(Cupid), the immortal God (Fable of Apuleius, a writer and philosopher of the second century AD).

In the end, this is the moral of the story: the soul, Psyche, can become immortal  only by love, Eros.

Beautiful journey through history, from ancient Egyptian period to  Roman period,visiting the sixteenth through the eighteenth century, the neoclassical period and the Baroque!


From Tuesday to Sunday  9.00-19.30
Tickets: 7.50 euros


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