Shopping in Rome? A Secret CHARME address…

Ladies…here we are a little gem for a cool shopping afternoon in Rome!

I suggest you to make a stop first at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia (I will write about it later…), and then to proceed to the Parioli district (10 min), a famous residential area of Rome.

Exactly here, you will find CHARME CONNECTION: two windows that open a shop of desires!

This is not an outlet, BUT the prices are very competitive and the choice…

You just need a little time and you’ll find very bargains between jackets, dresses, shoes and jewelry ,,,,all branded.

The kindness of the charming owner Margherita and the sweetness of the beauty Maria, frame the quality of the garments that you can try here. Tested.

So, sooner or later a little shopping is just what we want, is not it?

ps:There’s also a corner for men and for children!… ;D


Via Domenico Cassini 2/4, ROMA


2 thoughts on “Shopping in Rome? A Secret CHARME address…

  1. Oh, la la!! How did I miss this post? Museums + Shopping = Bliss!! The shop looks super cute. I also dig the shop’s name: “Charme Connection.” Another great tip! Theadora

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