An Italian crucial artistic period: Caravaggio.

Roma, Italia

Do you love art?
Then do not miss the exhibition “Rome to the time of Caravaggio 1600-1630″ at the Palazzo Venezia!

You can see 140 of his works from Churches, Museums, International collections, including the picture – St. Agostino- (found in Spain).

His art, represents a crucial moment of Italian painting, in the late sixteenth century, in a Rome still in crisis for the traumatic Lutheran schism.

You can download the audio tour (mp3) and guide (pdf)!

“Rome at the time of Caravaggio 1600 – 1630”
National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, Via del Plebiscito 118, ROME
Tuesday to Thursday 9.00-19.00; Friday and Saturday 10:00 to 22:00
Ticket: 10 euros
INFO.: +39 06 69994388

………………………………………………………….see you!


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