Roman Renaissance in a Italian Style Garden

English: Villa Farnesina, Rome Italiano: Villa...

In the Trastevere district, rich in history and curiosity, you find Via della Lungara. Ancient road, built by Pope Giulio II in the 1500s, designed by Bramante, as the parallel Via Giulia, on the other side of the Tiber.

Strolling in this street, among other historical sites, you will find the Villa Farnesina, built by Agostino Chigi.

On the ground floor is the Loggia of Psyche, the legend of Cupid and Psyche from Apuleius is, painted by Raffaello’s School of drawings by the master.

Sebastiano del piombo, polifemo

You can admire the masterpieces of important artists of the Roman Renaissance: among them, a curiosity: Polyphemus, the ugly in love with Galatea, originally painted by Sebastiano del Piombo was naked and then, for decency’s sake, was “covered”by a blue dress.

Stop then, to see the pleasant view from the upstairs windows! An overall view of the Italian style garden, and finally, enjoy a short ride in the park along the tunnel of laurel.
Be careful, on the marble, engraved with a phrase in Latin, almost like a farewell:

“Quisquis Huc accedis: mihi quod tibi horridum videtur amoenumeast is against, maneas, you taedet abeas, utrumque gratum”

“For you who come here, what you feel bad for me is beautiful, if you like, still, if you do not like to go on well, thanks anyway.”

Via dell Lungara 230, Roma
Info: +39 0668027267
Ticket: 5 euros
Open 9.00- 13.00, Monday to Saturday

…………………………………………………………………………………….see you!


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